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List of jobs (RPT)


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Product Description

The List of Job Positions enables the quick identification and classification of each of the profiles of the company.

Did you know...?

…Carry out a study of Job openings relations help to …

…Have the allocation of resources fully identified functions and tasks for each of its workers.
…Structuring the different levels salaries present in the business organization.
…Have a work tool that optimize the development of personnel recruitment and selection processes.

Without these instruments, important distortions occur in the management of human resources:
…Overlaps of functions and tasks.
…Ignorance of the interrelationships and interdependencies among company personnel.
…Unjustifiable pay inequalities among company personnel.

The establishment of an RPT has a series of steps or phases:

• Identification of Previous Concepts.

• Identification and Enumeration of existing Jobs in the Company.

• Identification of the Company's Organization Chart (Interrelationships and Interdependencies).

• Identification of Professional Competencies.

• Cataloging of Jobs, Professional Profiles and Remuneration Tables.