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Training plan

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Product Description

Due to needs changes in jobs, and the increase in qualifications that are currently being demanded in the around work, companies are forced to ensure that their staff has fully updated knowledge regarding the performance of their professional activity. Therefore, training must be understood as the key element in the permanent capitalization of Human Resources, assumed as another function more within the organizational structure.

Since the training It is a means available to the company to fulfill its goals strategic, managers must be skilled enough to provide the human capital of their organizations with the necessary training to be able to compete in their reference markets, and therefore they must be responsible for facilitating the training and development of their staff.

Did you know...?

Carrying out a Training Plan helps…

… Provides help in obtaining the goals strategic of the Company.
…Helps companies adapt to changes in the market and environment.
… Provides help to achieve a higher level of competitiveness, productivity and profitability.
…Provides help for provide in the jobs of trained people integrated into the company culture.
… Provides help to consolidate the training and updating of employees.
…It allows the worker to acquire new knowledge, skills, abilities,…
…It helps the worker to learn about new technologies and ways of working that enable them to keep their job.
…Helps you in your development personal and professional (promotion, salary, status,…).
…Helps the worker to improve the level of efficiency in their area (process improvement,…).