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Commercial diagnosis


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Product Description

The Commercial Diagnosis examines the six main components that make up the axes strategic of the company's commercial policy, in order to analyze the positioning of the brand, the organization of the network of sales, development of the distribution network,…

Did you know...?

Carrying out a Commercial Diagnosis helps…

Audit the company's business development and sales plan.

…Identify possible areas of weakness commercial of the company.

…Detect possible deficiencies, and/or biases, in the main components of the strategy commercial of the company.

…Pose continuous reviews of the business development model.

The Commercial Diagnostic process is developed through several phases:

Phase I. Diagnosis of the Commercial Environment.

Phase II. Diagnosis of the Commercial Strategy.

Phase III. Diagnosis of the Commercial Organization.

Phase IV. Diagnosis of Commercial Systems.

Phase V. Diagnosis of Commercial Productivity.

Phase VI. Diagnosis of Commercial Functions.