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Design of Career and/or Succession Plans


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Product Description

Career Planning in an organization serves to consider the future needs that a company may have in terms of retaining, or attracting, talent. When talking about Identification and Assessment of Potential, we refer to the anticipation of the movements natural resources of an organization so that the company maintains its competitiveness and the people who make it up can develop within it. We focus on addressing the future, on what person can do or be within the business organization.


Did you know...?

Carrying out a Career and/or Succession Plan process helps…

Design the possible professional career of workers within the business organization.l

… Know the problems that the company may encounter when introducing certain changes to existing jobs in the organization.

…Develop training programs that allow enhance the strengths of workers, and help them overcome their weaknesses.

… Know the performance of workers in their jobs.

…Reward those most effective and efficient workers.