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Commercial audit


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Product Description

The Commercial Audit is a strategic tool for improving sales, which serves to analyze the policy of sales of the business organization, allows to know its strengths and the aspects to improve, as well as it provides information on the implementation of an action plan, with a recommended calendar, about the proposed improvement actions.


Did you know...?

Carrying out a Commercial Audit helps…

…Reach the goals commercial proposals proposed by the company, increasing and increasing sales.

… Detect the points of improvement important for immediate correction.

Identify the most urgent tasks to undertake in order to optimize commercial activity.

To motivate to the sales team since they feel listened to.

The Commercial Audit process is developed through various stages: Study of the Current Situation (Internal and External Analysis), Diagnostic Report and Action Plan Proposal (Sales Strategy).

Phase I: Commercial Environment Audit.

Phase II: Audit of the Commercial Strategy.

Phase III: Audit of the Commercial Organization.

Phase IV: Audit of Commercial Systems.

Phase V: Commercial Productivity Audit.

Phase VI: Audit of Commercial Functions.

Phase VII: Presentation of Strategic Axes of Action.