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Salary Policy Study

Comprehensive analysis of the remuneration and the remuneration policy in the company with the aim of optimizing costs salaries, improve these decisions, based mainly on productivity, retain talent and reward good workers, identifying in the organization the worker who does not perform.


An action plan is necessary based in meritocracy; "You do so much, you are so valuable," that allows the organizational and productive model of companies to pivot.


Did you know...?

The corporate talent drain has tripled since 2008, generating a decapitalization of know how of the affected companies and causing their productivity to drop at the worst moment.

What we offer?

  1. Update of salary scales based on performance analysis.
  2. Identification of people's potential.
  3. Integration and improvement of plans career and/or corporate succession.
  4. Comprehensive salary sustainability plan.
  5. Expert bag and refreshment in key position.
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