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Peripheral vision in personnel selection and performance improvement.

Performance evaluation (360 Evaluation)

The objective of this tool is to make a estimate quantitative and qualitative the degree of effectiveness with which people carry out tasks activities, objectives and responsibilities in their jobs. By carrying out the evaluation, the company obtains a information to make decisions about the operation of the organization.


Have a formal system performance evaluation allows you to evaluate their procedures. Recruitment and selection processes, induction, decisions on promotions, compensation and training and development of human resources require systematic and documented information from the performance evaluation system.

Did you know...?

Performance evaluation is a useful tool for:

  • Improve the personnel selection criteria.
  • Put in evidence existing weaknesses between people to select.
  • Increase the motivation of the employee.
  • Help to analyze action, define objectives and action plans.
  • To confront the different points of view of the different hierarchical levels.
  • Obtain data for the development of each person in their career.
  • Analyze the characteristics of the position held, as well as its environment.
  • Review the objectives provided for each job
  • Detect training needs.

What we offer?

  • Regulated evaluation environment with KPIs.
  • Comprehensive control and monitoring platform (questionnaires, training, gamification).
  • Updating capabilities, responsibilities and newly created positions.

1.000 €

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