Encrypted private cloud ‘Safeclon’

Your replica data: safe and totally available

You can be in the office, on the train on your way to a meeting or just using your iPad while you wait for the metro, but your data is safe from malicious interferencesor losses, in a friendly work atmosphere and with a powerful and really fast indexed search system.

Incremental service is at your disposition so that you may have whatever you need in terms of capacity and extras associated.

It is of course, an integrating solution with social networks, public clours, CRM, owner software or office suite

¿Sabías que...?

A private cloud service is a more efficient, agile safer and integrating with security certifications management model (ISO 27001)

¿Qué ofrecemos?

  • Total accessibility (7x24x365)
  • Encoding of content
  • Real-time multidevice synchronisation
  • Offline and online devices security replicas, folders, data and users’ profiles.
  • Backups timeline
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