Development of ERPs

Control of advanced knowledge

It is a cliché, but in many occasions most companies know about something they do not know they know. It is a disappointing reality that means a loss of very valuable time and money.

A customized ERP+ CRM establishes or recovers positive synergy, as it reduces the down time the corporate bureaucracy involves. Moreover, it gets the company ready for the productivity growth.

Implementing workflows interrelated with people, apps, customers and suppliers a better skilled management.

¿Sabías que...?

A suitable CRM + ERP allows:

  • To know the market.
  • To understand the customers.
  • To improve offering for sales.
  • To retain the customers’ royalty.
  • To segmento market.
  • To encourage infernal management.

¿Qué ofrecemos?

  • CRM: clients, suppliers.
  • Customized ERP
  • Document management with OCR, digital seal and signature (office with no documents)
  • Data imports/exports to multiformat (excel, pdf, image, etc)
  • Integration with the cloud and from any device.
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