Computer cybersecurity

Disconnect from the risks, connect to peace

A new threat is invented every day, requiring its correspondent specialized countermeasure.

We would like you to relax, to trust that your digital self and/or your company’s or enterprise is safe. You can only achieve that leaving it in experts’ hands. Payment gateways, ISO 17001 certification, information security system (SGSI), backups… available technologies to keep your money under protection with all your information and trust.

¿Sabías que...?

Only 45% of the companies trust their own security due to the fact that just 24% of the attacks suffered are stopped shortly in time, meaning heavy financial losses, according to the annual CISCO report.

¿Qué ofrecemos?

  • General improvements of the overall security of an enterprise system.
  • Mejoras genéricas en la seguridad total de un sistema corporativo.
  • Servicios de urgencia 24x7x365.
  • Audiotrias de seguridad y prevención.
  • Despliegue y mantenimiento de Sistemas de Seguridad de la Información (SGSI).
Si te han quedado dudas...