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‘Quality is never a mere accident, it is always the result of a great effort’ – John Ruskin

Quality, employment and “R.S.C”

La calidad solo se alcanza de mano de la igualdad y la conciliación

Quality, employment and “R.S.C”

Leo, Daniel, Julie, Alex, Kate…(we suspect there is more to come and we love it) are literaly Mainjob’s children. People who have and will have a better childhood thanks to the conciliation of both schedules, and HHRR intelligent articulation. It is something we have been carrying out since the beginning of times. We are not keen on presuming, but there are more women than men in executive positions. In the same way, equality is an essential creed in our family. Our teams are formed by daddies and mommies who work really hard for their loyal clients: the nice people we are so proud of.

Thanks to the leadership shared with all the staff determining decision making, which is based on intelligent process framed within an integral system of continuous improvement, and to a mutually beneficial relationship with suppliers. Those weeks when certifications need to be renewed (ISO 9.001,14001,etc), we sleep as many hours as the rest of the weeks, unlike in other companies. Just like that, we have time to read a story before going to bed.

It is easy to realize that this is beneficial both for the present society and for the one that Leo, Daniel, Julie, Alex and Kate (and those coming) will be members of. We are among everyone and we are creating a better world.

Conciliation makes us happier, and happy people work better, so consequently all this has a positive effect in our adult clients. Satisfied companies create satisfied clients.

And our clients are proud of the job we do as well as of making their own small contributions towards the creation of a better society and future, being more equal and more delighted. Because they also want to be able to read a story to their kids before going to bed, and they know our team is the best support to get it.