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Ethical and Conduct Codes

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Product Description

A Ethical code It is a document that includes the behaviors and commitments that the organization acquires in relation to its interest groups and their main impacts and relevant risks.

A Code of Conduct It is a document that includes the behaviors and commitments that the organization expects from the people who work and collaborate with it, in relation to the interest groups and the relevant impacts and risks.

Did you know...?

…. A code of ethics aid to define your commitments and behaviors towards your interest groups, which makes you more transparent and improves your image and reputation.

…A code of ethics defines guidelines and establishes the expectations of different groups of interest and how the organization is going to respond to them.

On the other hand, the code of conduct aligns people's behaviors with the organization's culture, its principles and values, motivates, and reinforces their autonomy by clarifying what is expected of them in their relationship with the organization, and the groups of interest.

At the same time, it allows you identify and foresee possible incidents or events in your relationship with people, clients, suppliers, or the community among other interest groups, and helps you objectively manage these events.

For many years, a large company has defined its values and principles. However, it wants to advance in ethical aspects since recent events in the company have shown that, on the one hand, the mere definition of the principles is not enough, and that there is no objective and systematized process for the management of events related to ethical aspects.

On the other hand, the incorporation of new personnel and especially of managers from other companies, due to the growth of the company, has caused a clash of different cultures and values, without the company having a truly integrated culture and values.

For this reason, he decides to develop separate codes to explain the behaviors and commitments, and align the people in the organization with them. The entire management team was involved in its definition, and the entire staff in defining the values they wanted to share based on previous work.

The result was the approval of the codes with a broad consensus, the creation of an ethical committee, in which people from external interest groups participated, and their communication, which resulted in a clear improvement of its image and reputation as a committed company