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Top de cursos más demandados, el referente de nuestra estrategia global.

Top of the most demanded courses, our blockbusters.

Top of the most demanded courses, our blockbusters.

Transparency and message

During our coffee breaks we talk about the weather, the progress of our favorite soccer teams (Atletttti, ahem) and a thousand other things, including what we like to call the Top most demanded courses, Furthermore, in each minute of our commercial coordination meetings we reflect the progress of our different products and services. It is a permanent methodology focused on offering the best, avoiding obsolescence and understanding in real time what the reality of our clients is.
That is why we have always developed internally a Top most requested courses, a list that fills us with joy and that has evolved over time.
In our New Year's resolutions we committed to further increasing the transparency of our processes to improve our corporate branding and also to generate a sense of internal and external omnichannel. This improves interdepartmental communication by being able to have a common guide light. And, of course, people who trust us appreciate nothing more than hearing a single voice, knowing who to turn to and who to deal with.
For this reason, approximately every 90 days we will "confess" in five different categories which are the crown jewels of our extensive catalog and we will reveal to you which are our latest additions.

Top most requested courses

These are the most successful training courses and services in the period of July-August 2016:

  • Marketing:
  1. Business leadership.
  2. Goal Setting.
  3. Femvertising.
  • Languages:
  1. Tailored English in companies.
  2. Preparation for official English exams (B1, B2 and C1).
  3. Online English course by levels with conversation classes.
  • Employment Shuttle:
  1. University course in civil, commercial and family mediation.
  2. Higher university course in management of international biomass projects.
  3. Geriatrics-geroculture assistant.
  • Office automation and productivity:
  1. Dynamic tables with Excel applied to business management.
  2. Business intelligent with Excel 2016.
  3. Cloud applications to improve productivity.
  • Business management and HR:
  1. Performance management.
  2. Management-oriented mind maps.
  3. Smart task management.

The new boy/girl in The Office

Today more than ever it is necessary to know how to personalize our marketing message for the different segments of our target. That is why we have recently incorporated a new marketing tool so that our clients can reach the new generations, the so-called millennials. If you want more information, you can visit the course page Millennial Marketing.

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