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Ours are yellow...Reorganize your company: What is the color of your organization?

Ours are yellow...Reorganize your company: What is the color of your organization?

Let's give some foreign examples so as not to disturb those present or traditional Twitter sensibilities:

  • Space While the POT It already has a date (end of 2023) for the launch of its rocket, but it has burned more than 12 billion taxpayer dollars.
  • Apple, one of the companies with the highest stock market value and which has practically unlimited resources, has delayed six of the 10 products that it was planning to offer in 2017 and its different software solutions accumulate bugs, security flaws and widespread complaints from its most loyal users. In 2018 it will delay the release of improvements in its flagship operating system, the iPhone, to sweep the house and disasters a little.
  • After the diesel engine scandal, German companies continue not betting on the electric car and insist on killing themselves "in the race" and at the same time killing us for lack of a concrete strategic plan.

The cases presented above hide a simple reality and that is that many times companies (no matter the size, activity or country) are their worst enemy. This disease has many names:

  • Negative inertias.
  • Wrong corporate cultures.
  • Outdated templates and processes.
  • Lack of empathy towards the context, the ecosystem or socioeconomic changes, etc.
  • Internal “bureaucracy”.

The latter even has a name: the law of diminishing returns, which means that as a project expands the incorporation of new resources (economic, logistical or human) they will not mean greater growth, that is to say, that, although the dream of every large company is economy of scale , not even that one is saved from breaking mathematics. Doubling the number of workers, technicians or IT professionals does not mean halving delivery times. What's more, the accounting officer uncorks a bottle if the 30% net improvement is reached.

I want solutions

And now that I have your attention you will say: “well, we know that. In my company we are four cats and the accounting people are to be killed and the marketing people drink fresh blood and there are no ways to coordinate with them..."
If we admit that the first national sport of many countries is Complaint and/or perpetual rumination about colleagues, bosses and even about the dog in the shed at the construction site next door, It seems that there is no way out of that circle, but there is a way and it is a simple recipe. Take note of the ingredients:

  1. You go to this address: Press here.
  2. You sign up your company/organization to do these 20 hours of training.
  3. You understand what the color of your company and your problems are.
  4. You go back to your company/organization and carefully apply the steps to change color and of business culture.
  5. Then you go with your team to eat a shawarma.

Los Vengadores
Postscript: What is the color of your company? Reinventing your organization or company is another product of the R&D department of the Mainjobs Group, irresponsible and guilty of Film Productivity, Art Marketing either Neuromarketing applied to customer service. Send us an email and ask us for information before they lock us up at minfantes@mainfor.edu.es

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