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Evaluation of the work environment


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Product Description

Determine the level of satisfaction and motivation of a company's employees is extremely important since the work environment of the employees will influence decisively in the economic results of a company.

Did you know...?

… The evaluation of the work environment is a tool that helps:

…Establish improvement plans as a result of the analysis of the questionnaire, aimed at intervening directly in the areas of improvement detected;

Increase employee motivation and satisfaction;

…Eliminate high staff turnover;

…Reduce sick leave and absenteeism;

…Increase the productivity;

… Get the participation of employees in providing comments raised during the evaluation.

At the end of the service provision you will be given:

– Quantitative reports.

– Complete study of results according to the EFQM model.

– Comparative data with previous evaluations carried out by the company.

– Graphs of the most relevant data.

– Interpretative comments.

– Suggestions for Improvement Plans.