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Preparation of Sustainability Reports

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Product Description

As defined by the GRI, a Sustainability Report is a document that sets out information about the performance economic, environmental, social and governance of an organization. It is a powerful tool communication with interest groups, developed with a standard recognized with which all the sustainability reports of listed companies are prepared, which allows you to measure and disclose as well as account for your performance.

Did you know...?

…Preparing a Sustainability Report helps…

…Improve your understanding of risks and the opportunities they face.
…Improve your reputation and brand loyalty.
Ease to stakeholders understanding of performance and sustainability impacts.
… Emphasize the relationship between financial and non-financial performance.
…Influence policies and long-term management strategy, as well as business plans.
…Compare and evaluate performance in terms of sustainability with respect to the provisions of laws, regulations, codes, operating standards and voluntary initiatives.
…Demonstrate how the organization influences and is influenced by expectations related to sustainable development.
…Compare the performance internally over time, as well as with other organizations.
…Comply with national regulations or requirements of the Bags of Securities (if it is listed or aspires to be listed).

An SME has already been working on CSR issues, but cannot find a way to communicate, in a systematic way, its commitment, its actions, as well as its achievements and progress on relevant CSR issues.

For this reason, it has decided to prepare its Sustainability Report, which has allowed it to give greater visibility to its strategy, be able to disseminate it, and achieve recognition from its main interest groups. Being one of the first companies in its sector and size, it has achieved greater recognition for its efforts.