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Mainjobs, in the TOP 10 of the best companies to work in Spain

Mainjobs, in the TOP 10 of the best companies to work in Spain

The international independent consulting firm ChooseMyCompany certifies Mainjobs with its HappyIndex At Work badge, which positions us as one of the best companies to work for in the country

Yesterday, June 22, 2023, the ChooseMyCompany awards ceremony took place in Barcelona, where we received the HappyIntex At Work certification, after becoming one of the companies best valued by its team in the independent consulting firm's annual survey, which measures the level of engagement of people with the organizations in which they work through an anonymous 100% questionnaire that measures the degree of satisfaction in the following areas:

  • Professional development
  • Work environment
  • Direction and trust in the management team
  • Recognition
  • Reason to be
  • Sustainable development

The results of this survey have positioned us in the TOP 10 of the best companies with more than 50 employees to work in Spain, with a level of engagement higher than the average of companies in the country and, specifically, in the new technology sector.

Among the aspects most valued by the Mainjobs team are the possibilities for growth and professional development, the trust placed at an ascending and descending level in the teams and the very human perspective with which we work, establishing clear working relationships in which each person counts.

Thus, we join a list of large companies (we are not referring only to size) that have achieved this certification both in Spain and in other countries: L'Oreal, Danone, Capgemini or Schneider, among others.

Obtaining the HappyIndex At Work certification is nothing more than the result of our daily effort to create an environment of happy professional development, in which productivity and quality of service go hand in hand with the personal satisfaction of each team member. With more than 300 professionals Distributed in different parts of the world, avoiding the depersonalization of everyday life and promoting engagement is a challenge that we face with all the tools we have available.

“Mainjobs is going through a period of rapid growth in which aspects such as internal communication and Teambuilding are becoming more and more important. As the company develops and the workforce expands, we work hard to maintain that family and close atmosphere that the people who work here value so much. We take on this process with enthusiasm” – Alega Isabel Diéguez, communication director at Mainjobs.

Among other initiatives, In a company where teleworking and in-person presence coexist like ours, we give importance to the teams being able to get to know each other beyond the screen and day-to-day tasks.. For this reason, this year we have launched a series of internal events in which the people who make up Mainjobs have been invited to participate. These events have different formats: days of coexistence with leisure activities and shared work, weekend get-togethers to attend with family, pets and other loved ones, sports activities after work, etc.

Besides, we promote virtual cohesion through projects such as our monthly magazine Teamjobs, in which every month we interview a member of the team, allowing them to show themselves as they are on a professional and personal level. We have also introduced digital gamification, which allows us to participate in remote revitalization activities, rewarding those people who participate and contribute their bit to maintain the good environment that we enjoy.

All of these initiatives are completely voluntary for the Mainjobs team, but we are proud to enjoy the active participation of the teams that demonstrate, in addition to an indisputable and extremely high professional level, immeasurable values.

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