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The 10 best tips to increase your productivity

The 10 best tips to increase your productivity

We are going to ask you a favor. We're off to a good start, right?

For just 30 seconds look at the image above, blank your mind and let the black of the infographic fill that void. After printing the three levels in your head, think about your habits and how they can evolve into daily routines. Finally, evaluate how your process improvements and targeting capabilities are built by the sum of simple routines.

The following productivity tips that we are going to give you should be applied at these three progressive levels as a way of continuous improvement for your professional and personal life. We go with them:

  1. Start the day with a planned task, not consulting social networks or messaging. We insist: it is a very bad habit to start with external demands (unless you work in an emergency department). Improve your sense of control by completing a task that you scheduled the day before.
  2. Write it all down. It doesn't matter if you have a good memory. That's not the point. The trick is not having to remember things to reduce stress.
  3. Turn off notifications in certain blocks of time in which you need more concentration. We can have up to a dozen sources of notifications that require our attention and it is part of our job to attend to them, but it is also part of our job think. That's why an “off” to Teams, WhatsApp, etc. For 15 or 20 minutes it can give us space to reach productivity heaven.
  4. Improve your folder and file system, naming everything appropriately so as not to waste time (or patience) looking for the document you need.
  5. Use a good wireless hands-free to write down everything you talk about with other people without stress.
  6. Walk while you talk. Teleworking is triggering a sedentary lifestyle and we must avoid it at all costs. Therefore, if we walk when we make calls, we will help improve our circulation. In addition, walking makes you think better and you will reduce call time. Come on, you're going to save time and improve your health. For this, the wireless hands-free that we talked about in the previous tip will also be great.
  7. Hydrate and eat regularly. If necessary, set an alarm to remind you when to drink and eat.
  8. Limit meeting time planning them as much as possible before participating in them.
  9. Sign up for minimalism. Keep your table, your computer desk and your cell phone free of things you don't need. It is proven that we use too many tools and that the ones we use are more complex than we really need. Reduce the number of them and/or look for simpler and more powerful alternatives. This will give you extra productivity.
  10. End the work day with a plan for the next day so as not to ruminate about what you should do tomorrow when you go to bed. Connect the dots and end the day thinking about the first tasks What you want to do tomorrow will go from being a habit to being a routine and, later, from a routine to a procedure to become the best version of yourself.

We assure you that these tips will help you increase your productivity, reduce stress and enjoy your free time more. They're not bad as objectives, right?


And you? Do you have any tips to improve your productivity? Tell us!


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