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Mainjobs Group leads the second phase of the Opentalent 4.0 project to improve talent management

Mainjobs Group leads the second phase of the Opentalent 4.0 project to improve talent management

The project Opentalent 4.0 begins its second phase of development to incorporate new functionalities associated with talent management through the automated accreditation of experience in the workplace, according to the ILUO method.  

A few months ago we announced the creation of this project to evaluate skills and talent management in companies through safe proctoring. Due to the success of the first phase, a second phase has been launched which will not only implement improvements in the program itself, but will also add other functionalities of great value in this area.

Thanks to that, The system will allow the Intelligent Continuous Evaluation of the relationship of the workers with the company, through the application of models based on the massive processing of information that allow candidates to be segmented based on their capabilities, define personalized development and career plans or predict burnout situations based on 360° evaluation data. 

The second phase contemplates the development of the following functional modules:  

  • Professional categories module: skills and aptitudes 
  • Valuation module according to digital ILUO method 
  • Professional career module (skills matrix and professional roadmap) 
  • Proposal module for smart promotion 
    • Automated experience management
    • Connectors with information sources
  • Improvement of the tool's dashboard.  

The second phase of development of the Opentalent 4.0 project is an Initiative financed by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism within the AEI support program to contribute to improving the competitiveness of the Spanish industry, and with the support of the Union European Union through the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan and developed by  Mainjobs Group, Ontech Granada City Cluster, DataRush IT Services and Soincon

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