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Consensus for the state call for vocational training for employment.

A total of 250 million focused on the modernization of productive sectors.

Consensus for the state call for vocational training for employment.

On May 12, 2016, the Board of Trustees of the State Foundation for Employment Training reached a consensus for the preparation of the proposal for a call for the training of employed workers.It has been quite a challenge as it is the first under the umbrella of the broad regulatory change that the Law of 30/2015.




Focused on promoting the individual qualification of workers to help improve their employability but also the global competitiveness of companies, it includes notable elements such as:


  • The participation of up to 30% of unemployed workers.
  • Prioritizing the areas of new technologies, internationalization of companies, energy savings and entrepreneurship.
  • Provision for professionals linked to social health care and phytosanitary control.


With an amount of 250 million that will be distributed in the following items:


  • Sectoral training plans, 216 million;
  • Intersectoral training plans, 22 million;
  • Intersectoral training plans aimed at active people linked to the third sector, 6 million;
  • Intersectoral training plans for self-employed workers, 6 million.


The final publication is expected in the near future, from Mainjobs we will continue to promptly inform you of any new developments.

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