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ERP development, Know how control

The control of advanced knowledge.

It is a cliché, but many companies They know something, but they don't know that they know it. A sad reality that involves losing valuable time and money, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning or in Spanish) has been generated for a few years. Enterprise Resource Planning).

Know How Control


An ERP+CRM personalized establishes or recovers positive synergies, as it reduces the downtime that the corporate bureaucracy usually assumes. Additionally, it prepares the organization for growth or productivity spikes.

By implementing interconnected workflows with people, applications, customers and suppliers, a most capable organization.


ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)


It is important to understand that a good product like this is actually a solution set whose integration allows a global but also particularized vision of the different processes of the company. This allows an “articulated” ERP to become a flexible and customizable tool.

Many organizations have achieved greater verticality in their processes because they share data, figures, This speeds up decision-making and reduces human errors in communication, both internal and external, especially in the area of relationships with suppliers and stock management.

The development of a good ERP It can be slow, so it is advisable to have someone who not only knows software development but also the company sector since each productive area has its particularities.

An added value that an ERP must provide is the scalability in operations and data that you can manage without affecting the speed or the final user experience.

The final characteristic that every ERP must have is to be multi platform and live already immersed in the "post-PC era" so that data can be consumed, updated or created from smartphones and tablets, either with their own Apps or from a browser.

Did you know...?

A good CRM + ERP allows:

  • Know the market.
  • Grasp to clients.
  • Improve the sales offer.
  • Loyalty to the clientele.
  • Segment the market.
  • To stimulate internal management.

What we offer?

  • CRM clients, suppliers.
  • Customizable ERPs.
  • Document management with OCR, sealing and digital signature (paperless office).
  • Import/export of data to multiformat (Excel, PDF, image, etc.).
  • Integration with the cloud and from any device.
If you have any doubts...