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Redistribution and optimization of HR

HR management has triple benefits; economic, investor, image for citizens.

Through tailored solutions we manage to increase the number of work teams to deal with specific tasks, unforeseen increases in activity, replacement of sick leave and provision of auxiliary services, guaranteeing the quality of public services and the application of safety policies. rationalization and sustainability.


We have very specific products of personnel preselection, performance evaluation either definition of competencies that allow global and intelligent planning.


The direct benefits of having this service are:


  • Visibility and transparency in public interventions.
  • Citizen satisfaction through the adaptation of services to their needs.
  • Increased economic efficiency by saving personnel costs in periods of low activity.
  • Improvement of work processes through the implementation of good practices from other organizations.
  • Guarantee of the suitability of each professional to the job, through a selection based on competencies.

Did you know...?

Personnel costs can represent up to 60% of the expenses that City Councils must bear, so an economic recovery policy must involve optimization of HR.

What we offer?

  • Technicians bag.
  • Pre-selection in real time.
  • Online interview platforms.
  • Forecasting productivity peaks.

500 euros

If you have any doubts...