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Strategic Planning with CSR Perspective

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Product Description

Strategic planning is one of the initiatives that provides the most value to an organization, as it allows it to build from a clear strategic framework, a written image of where it wants to be in the future, how it wants to be recognized by its interest groups. A clear, strong and solid provides the organization with a shared mental framework that helps shape the future.

Did you know...?

…Making a Strategic Plan is useful for…

…That the Management thinks about the future more than on a daily basis.
…The discipline that is introduced is long-term thinking.

…Define a very important way to document the Strategy.
Force us to implement a control… establishing indicators.
…Integrate the Management, making their relationships very clear and responsibilities

Which allows you to obtain the following benefits:

1. Alignment of objectives and behavior of people.
2. Better Communication and Comprehension of the Strategy and its Objectives for everyone.
3. Possibility of Reformulating the Strategy based on the Results defined.
4. Methodology that facilitates the Transformation of the Long Term into Short-Term Actions.
5. Promotes the integration and interrelation of information from different business areas.
6. Improve ability analysis in the organization.
7. Labor and professional development of the participants in the project.

A company in the aeronautical sector with more than 10 years of activity, and with some recognition, has decided to address, for the first time, a Strategic Plan. In the meeting with Management, it is raised because now, precisely when things are "going well" for the company and it is growing in turnover and even opening up markets in other countries. The general director answers:

– Precisely for that reason, because we are growing. Now is when we must have a single "shared vision", since growth has led to the incorporation of more people, and more managers, which means that "we have different points of view" on certain decisions. I think now is the best time, it is right now when we must define "where we want to be in the future", which countries to go to, where to specialize in a highly competitive sector, and how we want to be recognized by our clients, suppliers and competitors.

Several years later, this company has become one of Airbus' Tier 1 companies, and a national and international reference in its sector.