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Outplacement – Collection programs


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Product Description

Outplacement is a service that a company provides to all or part of the dismissed workers, in order to achieve the transition in their professional careers, and trying to cause the least possible damage.

Relocation Programs, still not guaranteeing achievement of a new job, if their initial objective is to increase the chances of the candidate's reintegration into the workforce. Therefore, the benefits are reflected both in the employee who receives advice to undertake the job search on the current demands of the labor market, and for the company that offers a better deal. human to the terminated worker, while improving its corporate image and minimizing possible internal tensions that may arise.


Did you know...?

Carrying out an Outplament process helps…

The company

– Show social sensitivity for the professional future of workers affected by the dismissal.

– Maintain the credibility and trust of the staff towards the business organization that is in the process of restructuring and reorganization.

– Improve the image of the organization in the process of workforce reduction, introducing a positive element in the negotiation with employees, and therefore reducing social conflict.

– Ensure and maintain business continuity in the company commitment, the motivation, dedication and loyalty of the workers who continue working (preserve the Internal Work Climate).

Strengthen and maintain the good public image of the company among its clients, suppliers, financial entities,... and public opinion in general.

People who have been fired:

– Manage to overcome in a short period of time the personal and family crisis caused by the trauma of a dismissal (Psychological Help).

– Contribute to a less severe disengagement from the company, transforming the crisis into a chance of professional and personal development.

– Give participants the opportunity to analyze all the options for planning their professional, family and social life, with the possibility of undertaking a plan of new activities (training and training, networking,…).

- Allow reduce substantially the time in unemployment, accelerating the person's return to working life, and achieving a faster relocation to the labor market.

A Replacement Program has a series of steps or phases:

1. Technical advice to the business organization that proposes the dismissal, on how to propose and communicate the restructuring program.

2. Evaluation of potential (Personal and professional balance).

3. Setting of Objectives and implementation of the Action Plan.

4. Preparation and acquisition of job search techniques.

5. Search and continuous monitoring.

6. Monitoring of the incorporation and integration into the new job.