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Definition of competencies


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Product Description

The knowledge and people skills is a crucial factor for the competitiveness of the economy and for active participation of society and companies.


Did you know...?

Defining competencies helps to:

To complete Job Description.
…It is very useful for personnel selection.
…Very suitable for the development of professional career plans.
… It is necessary for the evaluation of competencies and for the evaluation of the performance by competencies.
…It is useful for achieving objectives and remuneration plans.
…Carry out to completion all plans or actions undertaken in the management of HR.

From the job description we are going to define the profile competencies, which are the following:

• The knowledge or knowledge that each professional must have and demonstrate (degrees or knowledge tests).
• Know-how or skills and abilities.
• Knowing how to be or the attitudes and personality that determine behavior in the workplace.

Once the competencies are defined, a scale is developed for each of them, determining the advisable standard to achieve for said position.