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Success stories

  • The call of duty: Saving the curricular practices of 2,000 students

    When the Alma mater of many of the members of the Group (the University of Malaga) knocked on our door in search of an answer for the virtualization of curricular practices of 2000 students, we felt that it was not just a job, but that it was our duty generate the perfect solution for these young people who were about to finish their career when the pandemic changed everything. 


    We had to ensure that their practices were what they deserved after so much effort and so many hours of study. We couldn't let COVID-19 ruin the feeling of pride that every student in the world feels when they finally obtain their degree. 


    To achieve this, we have designed a response for them with the following characteristics: 

    1. Fast, without compromising quality: generating 200 hours of hyperlinked, multimedia training in record time, the antipodes of flat and boring PDFs.
    2. Versatile in content and methodology: a central core of quality with resources to consume adapted to what the target, young university students, likes (and needs).
    3. Agglutinator of talent and know-how: With a pool of 12 professionals from different areas of the company which has generated exceptional content adapted to current reality. 
    4. Based on European Frameworks of Reference so that working with digital skills (DigComp), Soft Skills and intrapreneurial skills (EntreComp) is a reality for the future and not a set of outdated master class topics.
    5. Fun: Call neurolanguage and it is a pattern for developing adapted academic content that does not bore your students.
    6. Gamified: Where skills are powers and students are the heroes and heroines of their own destiny, making them protagonists of their own narrative.


    The figures do not lie and the YouTube channel (which is just a support service for Moodle content) already has more than 2,500 views.


    In addition, different pedagogical resources have been included:

    1. Skecknoting.
    2. Highlighter Video Pills. 
    3. Layered infographics.
    4. 360º photos.
    5. An implementation project with six challenge-stories 
    6. A Flipboard magazine. 
    7. Spotify lists to listen to with each teaching unit.
    8. Pinterest boards…


    And this is just a sample button of the firepower from our innovation and content department.


    These are and will be complicated times where the answers empathetic, resilient, human and quality They can only be made by people who are committed and guided by wanting to be the best version of themselves when circumstances require it.

  • 2nd edition of the course on the LCSP for AMAyA staff

    Yesterday we started the 2nd edition of the online course on the Public Sector Contract Law (Law 9/2017) for the Environment and Water Agency of Andalusia, belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development.


    In this online course, Agency staff will learn to interpret public procurement regulations in accordance with the new law with the following objectives:


    • Analyze the latest new features introduced in the matter as a result of regulatory change and the consequences of its application.


    • Determine the subjective and objective requirements of public procurement in order to qualify your attendance.


    • Identify the hiring procedure, its phases, with special emphasis on the different award procedures to determine, in each case, the one that is applicable.


    • And, all of this, valuing the importance of a rigorous application of the regulations recruitment by public employees.


    All these objectives will be achieved by our students with the help of the expert María Dolores Godoy González which has extensive experience in teaching legal courses both in person and online.


    Our academic team, accompanied by the technical team and the teaching team, have worked with great enthusiasm both in the design and in the delivery of this course to satisfy the needs of the now 165 students. We know that soon there will be more in the 3rd and 4th edition and we will receive them with the same enthusiasm as the first day.


  • Keys to training more than 6,000 people in a week

    First of all:

     Thank you!


    Once we have given thanks, which was our priority this week, we are going to tell you the keys that have allowed us to say thank you 6,000 times today. Some of them you already know from other posts and others may surprise you.

    The first key is simple: Going where others didn't know they could go. Thus, while other training companies were trying to adapt to the new global context, our clients were clear that they could count on us in this situation because they are clear that we are leaders in educational innovation.


    Training them online was something we had always done, so we have been able to do it with the quality that only gives 12 years of experience leading e-learning projects.


    The second key is not so easy, but it is essential: Know what our clients will need. Yes, you read it right. It's not about knowing what they need, as that's easy enough with a little active listening. The vital thing is to know what they will need tomorrow. For this, at Grupo Mainjobs we have professionals from all branches of knowledge who, every day and without missing one, analyze reality and look forward to understand what training each and every one of our clients will need next.


    At Mainjobs Group we create the future, walking alongside our clients regardless of whether they are Public Administrations, multinationals, small neighborhood businesses or people who need to focus their professional career.


    The third key is not to leave any of those 6,000 people alone. Each of our students knows that we will be with them all the way. Because not everyone started the week knowing how to connect to a webinar or understanding how a virtual classroom works and now everyone is trained easily and without wasting time.


    They have had a huge team supporting you every minute of this week, as usual.


    The fourth key is to understand that no student is an island because learning is also living in society. Thus, when a student enrolls in any of our courses, they know that they will have colleagues to lean on. Because Teachers teach, but you learn from your classmates.


    They have formed part of a virtual educational community, to learn better and create (on) team.


    The fifth and last key (for this week) is to know what they like: online courses, webinars, video tutorials, video pills, podcasts, WhatsApp Learning, etc. Because you learn more when you study comfortably.


    The options are endless and at Grupo Mainjobs we have them all. so that the training adapts to the student and not the other way around.


    So, you know, if you are looking for some inspiration and you need what you need, find your solution in our online training catalog:


  • Technical training for EMASA professionals

    The Municipal Water Company of Malaga entrusts us with the provision of technical training for your training plan 2020.


    A total of 64 professionals from the areas of Maintenance, Drinking Water Treatment and Wastewater Purification will participate in the training actions:
    – Hydraulics
    – Management and treatment of ETAP and WWTP waters
    – Functioning and operation of water purification and treatment processes
    – Maintenance of equipment and facilities of a water treatment plant and a purification plant


    The teaching of these training actions will be in charge of:


    Industrial Engineer

    Director of the Postgraduate Area in Building and Renewable Energies of the International Graduate School

    Industrial Engineer

    Professor of the University Expert in Facilities Management at the International Graduate School


    Online campus, virtual classroom and teaching team ready to meet the expectations of the 64 professionals in the water sector who have entrusted Mainfor with their professional development. Let's go there!


  • Marbella City Council trusts us

    The Delegation of Economic Development and SMEs of Marbella has entrusted us with the design and delivery of a training itinerary to train 30 people in vulnerable situations in the municipality so that they can work in park and garden maintenance.


    This training is designed with a eminently practical approach and will allow participants to acquire professional practice with professional tools and equipment in municipal gardens.


    In addition, all participants will obtain the qualified level Phytosanitary Product Handler card issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, which enables them to carry out terrestrial treatments with these products.


    The academic team of Infoca Training, is already preparing this project promoted by the Marbella City Council from home, to begin practical training once it is possible after the current situation with Covid-19.


  • At Grupo Mainjobs we don't worry about the future: we make it


    Many people and companies worry about the future, but is it really the best way to face it?


    At Grupo Mainjobs we think that there are a better way: creating it.  


    So, when companies in our sector are still paralyzed Due to the adverse circumstances, we had already been benefiting from the advantages of the telecommuting, for example.


    Creating the future is having been able to transform into on-line each and every one of our clients' face-to-face training activities in less than 48 hours.


    We were able to do it thanks to the fact that our staff is full of knowmads capable of finding a solution to any problem of our clients. And innovation is the trademark of the house.


    If we went pioneers in working on the digital competencies framework and we train them professionals from public administrations, large companies, SMEs, self-employed, etc. is because each person who is part of Grupo Mainjobs already had those skills before.


    While other consultancies advise from theory, we do it from the excellence that the years bring being the first in technological solutionsAnd this is something that our clients are clear about. We tell you some examples.



    In our collaboration with Guadalinfowe have participated in the continuous training of the AIL network within the European Framework DigComp with face-to-face actions and on-line and one digital skills self-diagnosis tool to promote their great work in the centers throughout Andalusia.  


    Next to Spanish Red Cross we have created training itineraries for the improvement of refugee employability and persons applicants and beneficiaries of international protection. Because we like to be where we are needed most 


    We always give the best of our group, pero cwhen you collaborate with the UN you feel like you have to give even moreAND it has been worth it extra effort what they have assumed the interactive multimedia content for the training of engineers and technical personnel from all over the world in the New Generation of Telecommunications Networks. 


    We could enumerate many more projects, but there will be time next posts. For now, only mention that in everything we can do for your organizations We are supported by the experience of being pioneers and not the fact of joining the fashion. 


    Yeah you aspire to lead a truly innovative companyyou can start by measuring your digital skills with one of our success stories.


    If, on the other hand, you are looking for something inspiration, take a look at some of the possibilities Online training that we currently offer you so that you can train Now that you spend so much time at home:



    We read each other! 





    Paco Dancausa student of the Mediation course (one of the more than 170 students who join this course in its multiple editions)took the online course Civil and Commercial Mediator and since then he has no shortage of work in a booming sector. A sector that also benefits everyone. Because that is exactly what moves us: helping people like Paco to improve the world with their work and with ours.





    Adaptation of the Guadalinfo Program to the European DIGCOMP digital skills model (2014-15): The network of digital telecentres dependent on the Fernando de los Ríos Consortium (participated by the Junta de Andalucía and the eight Provincial Councils) wanted to take a great leap forward to improve its already excellent services to citizens by assuming and adapting a Work Framework Digital Regulated as DIGCOMP with a tool auto diagnosis. Of course, we carried it out and successfully launched it.


    IMG_0551 (3)


    Training program for higher risk food handlers for people deprived of liberty (2015): More than 5,000 people are closer to a second opportunity for their social reintegration thanks to this program in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior. A program of which we are especially proud, because a second chance for these people means a second chance for society as a whole.