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Mainjobs Group: precursors of digital transformation in strategic sectors

Mainjobs Group: precursors of digital transformation in strategic sectors

MainJobs Group has been selected by the Ministry of Economy, Science and Digital Agenda of the Extremadura joint for the development of a training plan for the boosting the digital transformation of companies addressed to its managers and middle managers.

Its main objective is to improve the competitiveness of companies in the EUROACE territory (Extremadura, Center and Alentejo) through the incorporation of knowledge, technologies and innovations aimed at the digitalization of processes that result in the creation of products and services with greater added value and the improvement of the conditions for the emergence of new business initiatives.

The training actions that have been assigned to us are focused on Digital Transformation in Strategic Sectors and aimed at the agro-industrial and distribution sectors, as well as the retail trade and tourism sector.

All training actions will be taught in teletraining through various types of format:

  • Courses in MOOC format: 3 courses of 30 estimated hours of study, with a minimum of 20 participants, with audiovisual content with videos and complementary resources (links or resources of interest):
    • Keys to the digitalization of companies in the agribusiness.
    • Training for sales, logistics and distribution channels.
    • Keys to the digitalization of retail commerce.
  • Microtraining: training in short formats (8 video pills and 8 podcasts) to be sent via WhatsApp and social networks, lasting less than 10 minutes, with presentations by experts on the subjects to be discussed.
  • Conferences on digital transformation in the company: training days through seminars on-line or webinars with an estimated duration of 1:30 h. A minimum of 10 sessions will be held in which topics such as: tools for business management, cybersecurity, Blockchain in SMEs, Big data, tools will be discussed. cloud, e-commerce, web positioning, etc.

These training actions will be carried out in open format to offer the possibility of participation to a greater number of people with interest in them, and will be carried out throughout this year, until December 31, 2021.

MainJobs Group is committed to digital transformation as a means to optimize work processes, improve customer experience and increase the competitive advantage of organizations.

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