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Safeclon taped private cloud, your definitive cloud solution

Your data replicas secure and fully available.


Having a Corporate Cloud is fast, easy and economical with an immediate return in multiple benefits. You can be in the office, on the train on the way to a meeting or using your tablet while waiting for the subway that your data is safe from. malicious interference, safe from loss, in a friendly work environment and with a powerful and really fast indexed search system.

We offer you an incremental service so that you have what you need both in capacity and associated extras. Among the numerous advantages that a company can notice when incorporating these solutions we have:

  • Less investment in infrastructure: The migration of many services to the cloud makes it unnecessary to have a server and all the obligations that it entails (isolated area, cooling, redundant backups, etc.).
  • Reduction of internal IT Operations costs: Since system maintenance is in external hands, it is not necessary to have specialized personnel and we will also have much shorter response times as it is more professional.
  • Integration with other services: Many companies have their applications and software licensed to be used in the cloud, such as Office 360, which means having more productive workflows since everything "is in the same place."


Of course, it is an integrative solution with local networks, public clouds, CRM, proprietary software or office suite. Its reach can grow or contract depending on the company's activity, knowing that it is spending based on what it really needs.

If you have several headquarters or want to grow with more physical headquarters, having a "virtual" system considerably reduces not only deployment times but also the investment necessary to "clone" the entire structure necessary for the new facilities to be operational in order to be able to operate. work at 100%. Another way to achieve sustainable growth.

Did you know...?

A private cloud service is a management model  more efficient, more agile, safer and integrator with security certifications (ISO 27001).

What we offer?

  • Total availability (7x24x365).
  • Content encryption.
  • Multi-device real-time synchronization.
  • Offline and online security replicas of devices, folders, data and user profiles.
  • Backup timeline.
If you have any doubts...