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Industrial monitoring, drop by drop savings

Real-time analysis of production processes and quality control.

Designed for heavy industry or supply sectors, embedded systems They allow the capture of data in real time to carry out comprehensive control of production systems, allowing the detection of "leaks", losses of all kinds and possible improvements: energy costs, consumables, stockage and a long list of possibilities for any business reality. Industrial monitoring is an old methodology that, through ICT, is being extended to other productive areas.

Smart Spending

Current payments are in many cases the downfall of many businesses, which can now make intelligent spending modulating with present and future needs, once measurements begin to be made in just one quarter We can now make satisfactory predictions, so the investment made has an almost immediate return.


A product that also connects with our services Big Data.

Industrial Monitoring for everyone

The improvement in technology means that not only energy or primary expenditure can be controlled, the next playing field for SMEs is office consumables such as paper, printer ink, etc., which can now be under control. The most advanced include computer equipment in their measurement systems, something common when implementing a ISMS, so that if a PC falls below a minimum quality line, computer technicians can replace it with one in better condition while maintenance is carried out on that terminal.

With the fierce competition that the supplier sector is having, for all types of productive areas, many are integrating readings from external monitoring systems into their ordering systems so that the replacement and replacement process is even faster. The collateral effect is to avoid the diversion of human resources and efforts on monotonous and unproductive tasks for the company, which is an added value that this advance will incorporate.

Did you know...?

Inflation remains at 2.2% year-on-year due to electricity. It is not expected that there will be a reduction in this growth in the next 5 years.


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What we offer?

A package of solutions, deployable in several phases that covers the monitoring of different areas of expenses:


  • Water.
  • Energy and heating.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Paper and consumables.
  • Sectoral raw materials.
  • KPIs on manufactured products.
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