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Hosting and domains, security, speed and trust

Your virtual space without limitations, reliable and fast.

For both 2.0 and traditional businesses, a comprehensive service is increasingly vital that provides not only the value of trust, but also addresses all the "virtual needs" that a corporation or activity has. With prices starting at €80/month, you can count on a highly available, secure and fast product. A customizable and friendly 100% hosting. Our Know How in creation and implementation of the most demanding services , the attendance of thousands of students in our e-learning courses allows us to offer you quality at reasonable prices.

Range of services.

Companies evolve and change their needs, for example in recent times some of them are needing high transfer rates and large amounts of storage to use multimedia content (catalog videos, 360 photos, podcasts, etc.). It is necessary to be proactive to avoid the painful pilgrimage of having to migrate to another service. A single company for all your 2.0 requirements. It is the best option to have a point of reference in the event of incidents, problems or new operational demands such as the integration of new software or the use of mobile devices by the company. In addition, creating a website should be easy as it has compatibility with the most standardized systems on the market such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento...

Trusted hosting

Having the fastest possible loading of our website to avoid a bad user experience, preserving corporate email from interference or being friendly for the integration of blogs, payment gateways, etc., should be on the list minimum requirements as well as multidomain, 24/7 support, sandbox, etc.


Security and backward compatibility

Our systems take into consideration all types of languages and work environments, no matter how obsolete they may be, but without compromise security In our experience, the integrity of many systems is compromised by the need to add old operating systems (Windows XP) with a multitude of platforms such as IOS, Mac and Android.

Did you know...?

The number of companies that lose their data forever after an incident doubles. Prevent it from happening to your company, leave it in our hands.


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What we offer?

  • Hosting.
  • Domains.
  • Dedicated servers.
  • Email and commercial mailing.
  • Unlimited data.
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