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Computer cybersecurity, your peace of mind 2.0

Disconnect from risks, connect to tranquility.

Every day one is invented new threat that requires its corresponding specialized countermeasure, the discipline that guarantees the integrity of the information is the Cybersecurity.

We want you to not worry, that you can trust that your digital self and/or that of your company or corporation is safe. And you can only achieve that by leaving them in expert hands. Payment gateways, ISO 27001 certification, Information Security Systems (ISMS), content replicas (backup)... technologies available to keep all your information and trust safe.


The cyberattack figures to companies and also to vital infrastructures such as hospitals, water treatment plants, energy supplies, etc. are alarming. Only the cases that have a more mediatic nature appear on the front pages of the newspapers, with the rest of the incidents, silent or silenced, being those that represent a greater threat to citizens and to companies, regardless of their size or activity, cybersecurity It is more necessary than ever.

Corporate culture

Like occupational risk protection measures, many companies face not only complying with regulations and making the initial investment to generate a protected environment, but also the titanic goal of generating a change of mentality in all members of the organization. Because a system is only as strong as its weakest link, illegal downloads, use of non-corporate external memories, access to social networks and a long list of hobbies, bad habits that prevent a company from being calm.


Experts consider that in the coming years with the arrival of a "pocket" artificial intelligence Attacks on company systems will be a daily reality and incorporated as part of the arsenal that many companies use in their most unfair attacks. A new battle between the machine and the recklessness of bad habits 2.0

Did you know...?

An increase in these computer crimes that is not reflected in growing security in companies, according to the 2018 Security Report (Security Report 2018), from security solutions provider Check Point. This study reveals that the 97% from companies, both public and private, they are not prepared to face the cybercrime massive new generation.


Source: TODAY

What we offer?

  • Generic improvements in the total security of a corporate system.
  • Emergency services 24x7x365.
  • Safety and prevention audits.
  • Deployment and maintenance of Information Security Systems (ISMS).
If you have any doubts...