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Bots and Automations, intelligent productivity

The next technological revolution now at your disposal: Let our Bots work for you.

Apps, platforms and other digital inventions are fine, but we always go one step further to save you as much time/money as possible. The future is to free yourself from all those routine tasks and let a “machine do it for you.” It's the next level of productivity, based on intelligent work flow and bots.

The smart workflows They are personalized designs that an expert can implement in a department or area after analyzing and understanding the usual way of working, finding out which tasks are repetitive and proposing solutions, for example for expense ticket management and that these can be dumped directly in the database, or that the publication of a news item on Twitter appears simulated on other social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) through channels such as IFTTT.


The Bots are computer programs that simulate human behavior, That is why they are perfect for environments where a client, supplier or worker requests simple or easily identifiable information, they are integrated into a channel and are faster and cheaper than other solutions. They are also capable of learning over time (machine learning), making their interactivity and capabilities grow over time.


Our automation and Bots solutions are programmed and adapted to your reality. With a prior study, we design the degrees of automation and programmable services that you need to subsequently carry out a gradual deployment.

A revolution in "machine code", bots.

Robotizing workflows is no longer a dream only possible for large corporations. It is also at your fingertips. Evolve with us in the next great digital iteration. Platforms such as Telegram or Facebook allow us, for example, to have "technical, after-sales and customer assistance systems" active 24 hours a day, to carry out a first triage and save a lot of money/time in the short and long term.

Did you know...?

Currently, large companies such as Microsoft, Facebook either Telegram they bet on the Bots and automations as medium-term substitutes for software and apps as the main supporters of the heavy work of companies.

What we offer?

  • Transverse automation kits (document management with Paperless, communications, knowledge control, etc.).
  • Bot programming for technical support services.
  • Productivity and automation solutions (snippets, task and project management, etc.).
If you have any doubts...