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big data

Massive data at the service of advanced forecasting

The enormous amount of information related to any enterprise activity is a gold mine. If it is known how to extract and interpret, it offers some strong scientific and statistical arguments to apply to the strategic decision-making process, providing the company with a tool that can mean a big difference with other companies in the sector.

The application of the benefits are multiple:

  • Savings in administrative costs.
  • Support in launching campaigns and marketing strategies.
  • Improvement of technical services and customers service.
  • Long-term economic plans (36-48 months).
  • Monitoring the competitors.

Did you know...?

The lowering of costs associated with the stocking and massive data analysis has caused hatching in the sector. There are 93 initiatives only in Spain considered to be used to exploit all this potential.

What we offer?

  • Massive data management
  • Data Mining and BI analysis (Business Intelligence)
  • Interconnection with customer networks
  • Integration with corporate management systems
  • Platforms of visioning and indicators (Data Warehouse)
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Big Data

The enormous amount of information linked to any business activity is a gold mine that, if you know how to "extract and interpret", offers strong scientific and statistical arguments to apply to decision-making. strategic decisions, providing the company with a tool that can make a difference with others in the sector. Big data is now necessary to talk about sustainability in certain productive areas.


The objective is twofold: on the one hand, to know the reality of the market or habitat in which the company operates, establishing a network of KPI's , in this case we would be more in an evolution of the industrial monitoring but applied to RRSS, sales, expense control and HR management.


In a second approach we can incorporate into our work tools, the statistical prediction, given that by analyzing the appropriate parameters we can know when to buy or sell, reduce/expand stock or support decisions as complex as entering or leaving a specific market due to the opportunity or saturation of a niche.


Applying the benefits of this new technological disruption They are multiple:

  • Saving in organizational costs.
  • Support in launch campaigns and commercial strategies.
  • Improvement of technical and customer service services.
  • Economic planning long term (36-48 months).
  • Monitoring of the competition.

Big data solutions and data warehouse They can also be shared between friendly companies to reduce the necessary investment but also to expand the radius of action of data capture, something essential to have items of proven quality that are closest to reality.

Data mining

Like any innovation, it has its generation of "collateral industries" such as data miningwhich, as its name indicates, means bringing to light information on the flows of megabytes that any human activity generates. This, which in other times could have been useless for us, may be of interest to third parties, always within the legal framework of current data protection regulations.

Did you know...?

He Big Data It is here to stay and improve company processes and the service that customers receive. According to many analysts, it is emerging as one of the key technological trends of the coming years, along with artificial intelligence or the Internet of Things.


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What we offer?

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