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Citizen participation

Involvement of citizens in decision making.


The progressive opening of the different administrations is a perfect two-way tool for understanding, necessary between politics and citizens, but which must establish its own operating parameters that include dissemination, digitization, monitoring, quantification, etc.


Developing this dialogue effectively can involve a considerable investment of time and money if it is not supported by a comprehensive and hills technological possible in all its stages.


The benefits of participation are diverse:


  • Practical demonstration of a commitment to transparency and sustainability.
  • Improved decision making.
  • Consensus and make the meaning of administrative projects understood, increasing the general acceptance of strategic planning.
  • Incorporate proposals from future users to improve existing projects and/or services.


Our methodology is based on the so-called “Manual on Decision Making and Public Participation” developed within the framework of the European Guidemaps Project, which contemplates:


  • Establish general and specific objectives.
  • Recognize and establish bridges with the social agents with the most impact.
  • Plan media campaigns (message to transmit, channels to use, deadlines and combination of 1.0 and 2.0 activities, etc.).
  • Implement feedback systems, as well as evaluation of strategies and results.


Did you know...?

Many queries made to citizens have little impact due to errors in choosing the appropriate dissemination channels to reach interested parties.

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