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Promotion of administrative modernization

Updating internal processes to avoid obsolescence.

The Public Administration is currently in an intense reform process that allows it to perform its functions effectively, quickly and transparently. It is a complex process that involves:


  • Simplification of administrative procedures and management processes.
  • Increased information security, guaranteeing the protection of personal data.
  • Improve the relationship between public organizations through the sharing of information.
  • Promote the closeness of citizens to the AAPP through their access to information and the administrative procedure.

Did you know...?

In 1960, the average weight of the public sector of OECD members was 30% of GDP. In 2014 it was 40%. This means that saving in the state is to improve the global economy of a country. (Fountain PWC).

What we offer?

  • thinktank specific for finding solutions.
  • Techniques of paperless (paper reduction).
  • Processes based on advanced productivity (GTD).
  • Implementation of BYOD.
  • Quarterly status reports.
If you have any doubts...