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New award: The SAE entrusts Mainjobs with the job placement of 70 people from vulnerable groups

New award: The SAE entrusts Mainjobs with the job placement of 70 people from vulnerable groups

Job insertion for vulnerable groups

He Andalusian Employment Service (SAE) has awarded Mainjobs a social project seven months long to achieve job placement for 70 people belonging to vulnerable groups in the province of Malaga.

To achieve this, we have designed and developed personalized itineraries and programs to achieve the employability of each and every one of the people who are part of the project.

“Behind this new rewarding challenge there is 70 people with 70 families who trust our team to prosper professionally. There is no option to fail,” says Toñi González, director of Employment Projects at Mainjobs, about the launch of this new program.

Our social training projects

It is a Next Generation EU funded initiative, aimed at recovering and improving the economy of European countries affected by the pandemic. This award by the SAE adds to a extensive list of projects financed by these funds and managed by Mainjobs with the aim of improving the functioning of companies and the lives of people. A clear example is the recent technological training project aimed at reducing the digital and gender gap in Ceuta.

Mainjobs' commitment to each of the awards, tenders and projects it manages is maximum. Not only for the guarantee of success in each of them, but as a gesture of gratitude to the client for trusting us and our teams.

As María José Morales, Director of Operations, adds, “professional guidance and training is not the end of our services, but rather the tools we use to achieve employment.” in all the projects we get involved in to transform lives

The requirements established to be able be part of the project are the following:

  • Residing in the province of Malaga
  • Be a job seeker with more than 12 months of seniority
  • Be over 45 years old

With the management of this program, We reaffirm our leadership in innovation and digital transformation of each of the training projects it carries out, the objective of its activity being the adaptation and facilities presented to each client, as well as the success of all of them. This demonstrates a full confidence on the part of different entities within the public administration in Mainjobs and our multidisciplinary consulting team to execute projects of great social impact with budgets ranging from three to six zeros.

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