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The reality of renewables in 2019

The reality of renewables in 2019

The year 2019 will not be energetically different from what 2018 was: progressive increases in the price of gasoline and its derivatives, as well as the electricity bill. This is almost an economic constant, but, beyond the obvious, we must take into consideration that the solutions only involve a sum of social and productive factors. There are no absolute truths if we take the following news as a starting point:

We do NOT have enough materials for all the solar panels we need… (Xataka December 14, 2018).

That does not mean that photovoltaics is not the solution, but that it can only contribute a grain of sand to the global calculation. How well it contributed Antonio J. Martínez, director of the postgraduate studies of EIP Renewable Energy, in the last in-person workshop, the coming years are going to be fascinating due to the “fight” to build the balanced energy model between the different alternatives.
It is clear that there will be excellent employment opportunities for engineers trained in proposing comprehensive energy solutions in the fields of self-consumption, SMEs and housing solutions. At EIP we are strongly committed to inserting our students into internship companies that are working in the field of:

  • Energy storage.
  • Customized production solutions.
  • Energy consulting.
  • Medium power production stations.
  • Etc.

This exciting panorama is one of the central points of the in-person workshops in the EERR area. Updating and/or specializing can undoubtedly be your way to get a first job in the sector or boost your professional profile, reserve your free place now here.

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