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“Win to win” relationships for successful innovators

“Win to win” relationships for successful innovators


“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

Henry Ford.

Many attribute the launch to Apple's stardom in a single element.
The most obvious is the iPhone, but the most awake will talk about innovation or marketing. The most "analysts" will think that the key is the reinvention/improvement of existing products. But when his alma mater and founder Steve Jobs left the position of CEO, he passed the baton to Tim Cook, a profile totally opposite to his: a good manager, a terrible innovator, but a wizard in stock control, relationships with suppliers and talent acquisition. More than five years after the death of the visionary father, the Californian company has not released any revolutionary products, only partially improving its portfolio, but the company is now more powerful than five years ago.
The reason is simple: its relationship with external agents.


The "internationalization" of our ideas can be measured in hundreds of kilometers and Guadalinfo Impulsa has always had in mind that to grow healthy and strong we must know what surrounds us.
We must know what is out there at the level of suppliers, of powerful allies such as administrations or organizations that support innovation and, above all, of direct competition, which can be a rival or an ally that should never be ignored.


We always say that there are no magic solutions, but here we do have one: get out of your comfort zone to grow your networking space. Doing business with "old-timers" can give us confidence in the short term, but we are still closing ourselves off to:

  • Improve margins.
  • Reduce response times/costs.
  • New market niches.
  • Innovate in our processes.
  • Learn new ways to do business (outsourcing, crowdsourcing, etc.).
  • Improve your ability to maneuver to design strategies and tactics for your business ideas.

Call to Action

Next June 8 in Almería you will have an expert “business ecologist” at your disposal, José Antonio Berenguer to learn, share and evolve your relationships not only with your suppliers, but with the entire ecosystem that surrounds your business idea.
We are waiting for you at PITA on the Avenue of Innovation, of course, ;).
Reserve your place now by completing the form.

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