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The MainJob Group is the interlocutor capable of providing solutions to the different social agents involved in the full generational integration of the millennial group as full members of the labor market and also of providing the rest of the generations with the necessary tools to not be left behind in a market. work in continuous change.

About us

The world is changing and for the first time in history three generations capable of working coincide in time.

MainJobs Group responds designing real and versatile products that connect the reality of the different productive areas of SMEs and large companies, offering a direct route to acquisition of work experience of those looking for their first job but also the adaptation to new needs from very experienced staff.


In turn, we search for real motivation, because we know what everyone's needs are. Because that's how we do our job. Why alone the right stimulus allows you/us to achieve the primary objective: the excellence.


Because being the best version of ourselves is our lifestyle and our work.

Thanks for trusting us,

The Mainjobs team

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