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¿Qué es un PLE?, la formación personalizada por nosotros mismos para avanzar

What is a PLE? Building your informal learning.

What is a PLE? Building your informal learning.

Since we are little we are constantly learning and as we advance in our studies or goals, we develop and acquire new knowledge, which makes us increasingly autonomous and able to achieve what we want. That is what is called PLE (Personal Learning Environment), which allows us to direct our learning by connecting information from different sources, what we see, what we discover..., etc., Let's say it is informal learning. But What is a PLE?
If we take this to elearning training, we can understand that a PLE could be formed through a virtual campus, since it is a platform that provides various tools that promote learning. It is actually very easy to answer the question; What is a PLE?

What is a PLE? Practical case.

I leave you a small example, focusing on my personal experience of going from high school to university and then to job placement:
When I finished ESO, like many students, I decided to embark on the Baccalaureate stage that would lead me directly to being able to enter a university career.
In order to decide which Baccalaureate to choose, the fourth grade I was studying at that time, the information I had about the different high schools and the career I wanted to study influenced, all of which led me to choose the health sciences baccalaureate.
After completing high school, selectivity arrived and the doubts returned, which career to choose. To do this, I looked for the careers in which I was interested, looked for information about different universities, the study program, whether they were good or not..., factors that would make me decide on one career or another as well as the university.
Finally I ended up in Pedagogy, at the University of Malaga, throughout those four years I had to make use of my tools, experiences, mechanisms... to be able to carry out work, search for information from internship centers, TFG..., All of this did nothing but enrich and expand my personal learning environment.

The end of the road... just the beginning

Until I finally became an intern at the last center where I did my internship, from that moment on, apart from what they taught me, I, through my various mechanisms and tools, I am still constantly learning (the true philosophy that the PLE), to be able to develop as a professional in the position I perform, within the company.
With all this example, you will have been able to see that always, even if it is for being able to make decisions, We use the tools and knowledge that we have at our disposal, and this environment is expanding while we are acquiring new knowledge, tools and skills.
Obviously for each person your environment will be unique, but we cannot forget that the tools, resources or sources of information will help us build our personal learning network, which will be influenced by many factors.
But what is really fascinating is the integration of the PLE in a company and linking it to the career plans and internal promotion, but that will be the subject of another article.