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Today no one doubts the importance that People have in achieving the Company's objectives. Therefore, the choice of the most suitable workers constitutes, for any organization, a very important management, on whose solution its good work will depend. It is about choosing the people further fit for the most suitable position, at the right time.



Did you know...?

Carrying out Personnel Selection helps…

Limit, to the maximum, the margin of error in the election of the candidate.

…Specify the qualities and requirements necessary to be able to perform certain tasks.

…Measure and Appreciate the competencies and potential value of the people evaluated.

… Eliminate those technicians who do not have the appropriate skills to occupy the position in question.

… Incorporate valid candidates into the Company who contribute to the improvement continuation of existing human potential.

In the personnel selection process, the goal is to maximize the level of objectivity of the decision, trying to eliminate the random effect in the selection of candidates, understanding as such a set of phases or stages with a perfectly delimited beginning and end. where five stages stand out:

1. Planning.

2. Search and Recruitment.

3. Filtering and Selection.

4. Incorporation and Welcome.

5. Control of Results.