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Human resource planning


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Product Description

The human resources planning process, within the strategic framework of the business organization, allows provide at all times, and in the right place, of the necessary people, with the competencies appropriate, to be able to achieve, within the established period and manner, the business objectives.


Did you know...?

Carrying out Human Resources Planning helps…

…That the business organization can provide itself with sufficient personnel, in number and qualification.
Business organizations optimize your personnel cost forecasts.
To line up the human resources function with the Company's strategic policies.
…Business organizations must have preventive plans for the recruitment and selection of personnel in the event of any type of contingency that may occur.
…Business organizations to design all their employment, training, remuneration, job satisfaction policies,…

  • Analysis of the current Organizational Structure
  • Human Resources Planning
    • Quantitative workforce planning
    • Qualitative workforce planning
  • Human Resources Planning Process
    • Preparation of the work plan
    • Implementation of the work plan
  • Evaluation and Monitoring