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Identification of people's potential


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Product Description

When talking about Identifying Workers' Potential, we focus on addressing the future; that is, what the person can achieve do or be within the business organization. When the company carries out integrated human resources management, raise the concept of identification of the potential, involves introducing a fundamental element that makes possible the planning of professional careers, which becomes a profitable investment for the company.

Did you know...?

Carrying out a process of Identification or Evaluation of the Potential of Workers helps to…

…Contribute to change cultural.

… Retain talent (people with key value for the business organization).

Provide of the occupant requested in the event of a vacancy, through the optimal exploitation of the personal capabilities of employees.

…Improve the use of resources invested in training and training.

…Better compliance with strategic plans.

To stimulate individual and group behaviors.

… Optimize the use of personal capabilities.

The phases to follow are:

– Personnel Inventory of the Organization's Employees

– Choice of Evaluation Tools

– Identification of Potential and Talents

– Individual Training and Development Plans

– Evaluation and Monitoring Plan

– Contingency Plan