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Human resources audit


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Product Description

The Human Resources Audit can be understood as an objective and independent procedure of observation and analysis, which is based on a methodology, and uses techniques, which allow identify both the strengths, as well as the problems and limitations of the function of human resources in organizations. This involves concluding with the issuance of a report of improvement, with suggestions and certain proposals for action.

Did you know...?

Carrying out a Human Resources Audit helps...

…Stimulate uniformity of personnel policies and practices, especially in decentralized companies.
… Develop a data management process that allows you to appreciate the added value offered by human resources management.
… Establish a Balanced Scorecard for the development of measurement parameters in the management strategic workforce.
… Detect critical personnel problems.
…Clarify duties and responsibilities of each of the members of the Organization's staff.
Reduce HR costs, through more efficient personnel procedures.
… Stimulate greater responsibility and professionalism among members of the different areas.
…Improve the professional image of the Company.

The areas of the human resources function that are audited are:

1. Organizational Structure (Company Organization Chart, Departmental Structure,…).

2. Internal Communication.

3. Analysis and List of Jobs.

4. Human Resources Planning.

5. Staffing.

6. Salary Remuneration.

7. Performance Evaluation.

8. Training and Development.

9. Professional Career Planning and Management.

10. Quality of Life at Work and Productivity.