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Personal Audit


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Product Description

A Socio-Labor Audit It is an opportunity to demonstrate the level of quality of companies regarding the optimization of management of its human resources, as well as the level of compliance with its obligations with Social Security.

The approach is based on the Exhaustive analysis that allow us to know the current "snapshot" in order to optimally define the future situation.

Did you know...?

Carrying out a Personnel Audit helps…

…Know the general structure of the company, through the study of the different areas and work centers of the company
…Check what regulations, whether legal or conventional, apply to the company's workers
… Test the degree of compliance that the company has from a legal-labor point of view
…Verify the degree of compliance that the company has with respect to remuneration concepts in accordance with current and applicable legislation.
… Demonstrate the degree of compliance that the company has with respect to work systems and times (working days, schedules, breaks,…)
… Test the adequacy of the contributions made by the company to Social Security according to the existing contribution rules
…Demonstrate the adequacy of the occupational risk prevention actions carried out by the company


The areas of the human resources function that are audited are:

1. General Structure of the Company (Company Organization Chart, Departmental Structure,…)

2. Applicable Regulations (Collective Agreement, Agreement Improvements, Legal Representation of Workers,...)

3. Labor Structure of the Company (Personnel Structure, Types of Contracts, Types of Commercial Contracts with Collaborators,…)

4. Salary Structure

5. Systems and Working Times

6. Modification, Suspension and Termination of the Employment Relationship

7. Prevention of Occupational Risks

8. Official Data Protection