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la innovación y la creatividad son las señas de identidad del marketing de guerrilla

Guerrilla Marketing (I): We are few but brave

Guerrilla Marketing (I): We are few but brave

Guerrilla marketing

In these times, frugality is appreciated, but we cannot sacrifice our company's marketing for the sake of much-needed savings.

What to do then?
Throw yourself into the arms of Guerrilla Marketing.

In this type of campaign, the ingenuity factor makes up for the lack of budget and radically minimizes the necessary investment. Guerrilla Marketing is innovation at the service of sales.

But what does it consist of?

Guerrilla Marketing is based on message encoding with a different touch, partially blending it with its surroundings, but in a way that powerfully draws attention as a new element.

Jay Conrad Levinson, who coined the term in 1983, defined it as 'truth made fascinating. Achieve traditional goals through unconventional means.'

Less money, more creativity.

In addition to achieving great results with micro budgets, it has another great advantage: In a world so 'infoxicated' like ours, what a company sells is not trustworthy. However, what a person you follow on a social network (or who is a contact of yours on WhatsApp, Telegram or Snapchat) 'sells' (unintentionally) is.
Nobody trusts brands, but everyone entrusts themselves to other prosumers.
The public is already fed up with the typical advertising campaigns that only produce yawns and that are the 'bell' that warns when the series or movie they are watching pauses so they can finally go to the bathroom.
However, when Guerrilla Marketing acts, it produces an unparalleled impact and the uncontrollable need to share it with friends, family and 'colleagues' on social networks.
And therein lies the success of Guerrilla Marketing: It is, in addition to being 'low cost', the beginning of a campaign viral.
Interesting combination, right?
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