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Mainjobs will train 80 ICT professionals from Navarra to occupy positions of responsibility in the cybersecurity sector

Mainjobs will train 80 ICT professionals from Navarra to occupy positions of responsibility in the cybersecurity sector

Mainjobs has been awarded a project by the Navarrese Employment Service with which the professional specialization in computer security of 80 workers from the Foral Community is pursued.

The consulting firm has been awarded this contract due to its extensive experience in the cybersecurity sector and the high capabilities of its expert technical team in this area, which has been devising and executing large-scale cybersecurity projects for years, both in the private sphere and in collaboration with the public administration.

Public administrations They are aware of the great challenge that cybersecurity represents for companies and They have been demanding the execution of this type of highly specialized projects.", comments Bea Lafarga, director of training and employment projects at Mainjobs.

The cybersecurity ecosystem in Spain

Spain is situated as one of the countries in the world with a more mature cybersecurity ecosystem, standing in fourth position globally according to him ranking of the United Nations International Telecommunications Union. He The value of this sector in Spain amounts to 2,000 million euros and employs more than 150,000 people. According to an INCIBE report, the growth is such in this market that large companies demand more personnel for their staff every year. In the case of the Foral Community of Navarra, the need for professionals in the technology sector is increasing, with cybersecurity being the area that hires the most ICT experts.

The training itinerary that Mainjobs is going to develop It will be taught electronically between the months of April and June, and is composed of different specialties that cover the most relevant aspects to be taken into account by ICT professionals for cybersecurity management in business environments, with the aim that they acquire the necessary skills to guarantee ideal progress in their work experience and the capabilities to resolve any type of situation.

Besides, This free training is aimed at professionally developing each of the participants and preparing them so that they can occupy positions of high responsibility in large companies. in the area of cybersecurity. He only requirement to be part of the program is be an active worker in Navarra, although priority will be given to those who currently hold a job in the field of ICT.

In addition to working with the public administration, in the group of companies that make up Mainjobs there are two professional training schools for the private public. Among them, EIP Business School stands out for offering the best cybersecurity master's degree in Spain, directed by Sergio Padilla, director of Information Security at the Bank of Spain.

In addition to its professional master's degree included in the training catalog recommended by INCIBE, EIP also stands out for its Cybersecurity Chair, a professional master's degree included in the training catalog of the National Cybersecurity Institute and a teaching faculty that has professionals of international prestige, responsible for computer security from, among other companies, Mediaset, Oracle and Telefónica.

Manuel García, general director of EIP International Business School, comments that “the high level of specialization with which students complete their studies, obtaining the security certifications most valued by companies (EHE + OSCP + CISM + TOEIC), in addition to the official master's degree, implies that large technology companies that offer cybersecurity solutions, such as SIA, are nurturing the ICT talent that we train. In fact, We offer a job guarantee to all our students who pass our admission process to study at school.”

From Mainjobs We thank the Navarro Employment Service for the trust placed in our teams to launch a project of such importance in an area in which we are experts and in a geographical area in which we have a highly qualified team.

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