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The call of duty: Saving the curricular practices of 2,000 students

When the Alma mater of many of the members of the Group (the University of Malaga) knocked on our door in search of an answer for the virtualization of curricular practices of 2000 students, we felt that it was not just a job, but that it was our duty generate the perfect solution for these young people who were about to finish their career when the pandemic changed everything. 


We had to ensure that their practices were what they deserved after so much effort and so many hours of study. We couldn't let COVID-19 ruin the feeling of pride that every student in the world feels when they finally obtain their degree. 


To achieve this, we have designed a response for them with the following characteristics: 

  1. Fast, without compromising quality: generating 200 hours of hyperlinked, multimedia training in record time, the antipodes of flat and boring PDFs.
  2. Versatile in content and methodology: a central core of quality with resources to consume adapted to what the target, young university students, likes (and needs).
  3. Agglutinator of talent and know-how: With a pool of 12 professionals from different areas of the company which has generated exceptional content adapted to current reality. 
  4. Based on European Frameworks of Reference so that working with digital skills (DigComp), Soft Skills and intrapreneurial skills (EntreComp) is a reality for the future and not a set of outdated master class topics.
  5. Fun: Call neurolanguage and it is a pattern for developing adapted academic content that does not bore your students.
  6. Gamified: Where skills are powers and students are the heroes and heroines of their own destiny, making them protagonists of their own narrative.


The figures do not lie and the YouTube channel (which is just a support service for Moodle content) already has more than 2,500 views.


In addition, different pedagogical resources have been included:

  1. Skecknoting.
  2. Highlighter Video Pills. 
  3. Layered infographics.
  4. 360º photos.
  5. An implementation project with six challenge-stories 
  6. A Flipboard magazine. 
  7. Spotify lists to listen to with each teaching unit.
  8. Pinterest boards…


And this is just a sample button of the firepower from our innovation and content department.


These are and will be complicated times where the answers empathetic, resilient, human and quality They can only be made by people who are committed and guided by wanting to be the best version of themselves when circumstances require it.