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La clave para aumentar la empleabilidad

The key to increasing employability

The key to increasing employability

Nowadays, many people are worried about their future career options. People who suffer from ERTEs, who have directly lost their job or who fear what will happen in the short/medium term.

In this context, it is important to stop and reflect, see what career path we want to follow and analyze if we were already on the right track or if we need a change.

To begin with, the situation we are experiencing has skyrocketed the need for digital knowledge/skills because teleworking is taking over.


But we must know that it is not only digital skills that are valued. In general, People with higher qualifications have a lower unemployment rate than those without training. 

You may think that it is solely and exclusively because trained people have greater knowledge, but it is not only about that. The people who train also have something that is easy to lose in situations of unemployment, especially if we talk about long-term unemployment: confidence. 

At Grupo Mainjobs we know that when our students have been looking for a job for a long time without success, they become discouraged, think that they are not going to make it and, most importantly, They lose confidence in themselves (and their network of contacts). 

For this reason, at Grupo Mainjobs we choose teachers with high-level knowledge, but also with a great capacity for empathy and active listening.. To be able to help our students with what they tell us, but also with what they are afraid to say out loud. 

Remember that, Whoever you are, we can support you so that you learn, gain confidence and increase your employability.

Get it by being part of a virtual educational community with teaching teams that truly care about you to learn better and create (in) a team, achieving the trust and networking you need.

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