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University postgraduate degrees in construction

About us?

Get to know the leading school in courses on-line mediation accredited by the Ministry of Justice to work as civil, commercial and family mediator in Spain.

Currently the school has two major courses: our 100h Specialist course and the 300h Expert course in Civil, Commercial and Family Mediation, both accredited by the Ministry of Justice.

With both courses you will be able to train and work as a mediator, register in the mediator registries, access the shift system and specialize in different areas.

By selecting our Expert course you can specialize in one of the most in-demand areas:

  • Specialty in traffic accidents
  • Specialty in the educational field
  • Specialty in consumer matters
  • Specialization in international trade
  • Specialty in intercultural mediation
  • Specialty in labor mediation
  • Specialty in health mediation

For more information, below we leave you the link to the website, where you can find more detailed information and advice: International School of Mediation